Information About Highland Springs Ranch

       Highland Springs Ranch is a stunning piece of land situated in central New Mexico about 26 miles south of Socorro and two miles west of Interstate 25. It carries a lot history as it is part of the Pedro Armendaris Land Grant given by the King of Spain in 1819.

The ranch made up of various terrains from gently rising meadows to rolling hills to foothills and mountainsides. To the northwest are the Magdalena Mountains which provide a majestic backdrop to the ranch. A large portion of the Chupadera Mountains to the northeast is also part of the scenery of Highland Springs Ranch. The property ranges in elevation from 4,700 to 6,400 feet and provides an excellent year-round climate.

Outdoor activities are abundant and in close proximity to Highland Springs Ranch. Birdwatchers and nature lovers from all over the world “flock to the Bosque del Apache national Wildlife Refuge which borders the ranch. The Refuge is home to sand hill cranes, Arctic geese, and over 20 species of ducks. Elephant Butte Lake, a 40-mile long lake, boasts outstanding fishing, boating and camping and has three marinas, 154 campsites, and some of the best trophy striper fishing in the country.

It is worth the trip to Highland Springs Ranch just to observe the plentiful wildlife like magnificent bald eagles, huge herds of antelope and deer, owls, wild turkeys, coyotes, and much more. Highland Springs Ranch is a nature lover’s landing place. Call for reservations to tour the ranch. It is amazing and a sight to behold!