Information About BB Brooks Ranch

       The B.B. Brooks Ranch is comprised of over 40,000 lush acres in the nation’s most spectacular state. This ranch is an amazing sight. The splendor and the beauty are untouched as the properties are created with the land. Casper Mountain and huge prairies provide a perfect backdrop to this huge ranch. And, because of the location in the center of the state and 10 minutes north of Casper, the B.B. Brooks Ranch offers the chance to live in a peaceful, natural environment while still being close to the comforts of a city.


Wyoming’s seventh governor, , bought the land along with a cabin when he turned 21.  He paid for the property with a sack of flour and four traps. The ranch became known as one of Wyoming’s foremost ranches.  B.B. Brooks kept up the ranch even after he was elected as governor of Wyoming.  Even today, parts of the ranch still run as a cattle ranch.   Wildlife is a common element of the entire property.  The B.B. Brooks Ranch is an unbelievably beautiful sight to see. 


The B.B. Brooks Ranch is located just off I-25 north of Casper, Wyoming, 175 miles northwest of Cheyenne, and about 275 miles north of Denver.


40-acre parcels start at about $995 per acre


The entire ranch totals about 40,000 acres. The phases measure about:

Phase I
Phase II
Phase III
Phase IV
8,200 acres
11,300 acres
6700 acres
13,800 acres (estimate based on simple math…please correct)





Parcels are about 40 acres per parcel. The minimum size of a parcel is 35 acres.


Rolling hills and prairies accompanied by stone outcroppings with exceptional views of Casper Mountain offer an ideal topography for a Wyoming ranch.


Protective Covenants provide excellent conformity with the land in order to respect the land and honor ranch values.


Gravel roads measure about 16ft wide and are constructed throughout the development. Each property is staked and surveyed. The surveys are recorded with the county.


There is a multitude of wildlife on the ranch.